Canada's first surrogate consulting service offering surrogacy as an option to infertility

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    There are many options available to couples in order to build their family. Surrogate parenting is a very viable one!

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    Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. is committed to guiding you through your surrogacy journey with as few "bumps" along the way as possible.

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    What a wonderful gift you are considering. Surrogacy is such a fabulous option for couples, to have a child with a biolgical link.

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This is Canada’s first surrogate consulting service offering surrogacy as an option to infertility. Whether you are looking to become a parent through surrogacy, or perhaps hoping to help a couple by becoming their surrogate, you will have many questions, and be faced with overwhelming decisions. Hopefully, Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. can answer your questions, and alleviate some of your fears.

Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. was created to help couples realize that their dream of having a biological child is a realistic one. I know that this wasn’t how you anticipated having your family when you were first married, but I can tell you from personal experience surrogacy can be a wonderful experience.

Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. has a mission to create a balance in supporting both the Surrogate and the Intended Parents through this wonderful, yet highly emotional journey. We provide complete support and guidance throughout the process, as well as through the medical and psychological screenings and the drafting of legal contracts. We are also pleased to be available for continued assistance as needed throughout the pregnancy.

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Surrogacy is such a wonderful option for couples now to have a child with a biological link. Here are some of our latest success stories.

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    I am so grateful for all of your help and support on our surrogacy journey. You made what seemed to be an impossible task, very easy. You have not only taught us so much about the joys of surrogacy, but that children are truly a special miracle, especially the ones we work so very hard to have!

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    Words cannot express the gratitude we feel in our hearts for you. You are a wonderful person who keeps going and going in many different ways. We are privileged to know you and blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for helping us realize our dreams!

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