It is with the saddest heart that I write that We lost our Matriarch. Joanne passed away December 20, 2019, in the most peaceful way possible and with her family by her side, holding her hand. Our world is just a little bit darker without her with us, but we know she is always watching, always guiding us.
She will never be forgotten. I will continue her legacy with every ounce that I have within. I will make you proud, Mom xoxo

Hi! I’m Joanne! I live in Southern Ontario, with my Husband, cat and 2 dogs! My three children are grown now, living their best adult life, though we all remain very close.  I am also the proud Grandma of 2 very special kids that stole my heart!
With my background of being a gestational surrogate four times as well as an egg donor three times, it is my hope that my personal experience can help to guide you through this highly emotional time.
My goal is to make this a positive experience for everyone involved, as well as to educate and enlighten people about this very viable family building option.
For the time being, I am more ‘behind the scenes’ while working on ‘semi-retirement’. I am content in knowing I’ve passed along my knowledge, passion and love for Surrogacy to my entire team.

With that, Please meet Robyn:


Well Hello! I’m Robyn! I’ve been with CSO for pretty much my entire life! I am married with 2 kids, a furpup, 2 ninja-cats, a couple of fish and a bird! It’s a zoo around here most days!

While I haven’t been a surrogate, I have been an egg donor a number of times and I know the Surrogacy life as if it were my own. You see, My Mom was the first ever surrogate in Canada! I have been in the Surrogacy world since I was 4!

I am currently the Managing Partner here at CSO. I am responsible for the day to day operations of our Office. I am honoured and thrilled to be involved in such intimate journey’s and to be the Main Point of Contact for everyone!

I am very ‘hands on’ in ensuring you have the journey you envision. From the very first contact you send to CSO, I strive to ensure you have the support needed, whether as a Surrogate, or as an Intended Parent. Support is not a ‘one size fits all’ and I am here to empower you on this Journey!


Ainsley is our newest addition to our Team. She is our Office Assistant and is responsible for the administration duties of our Office. Her work is valuable to the rest of the staff at CSO for keeping us all Organized!


Hello my name is, Julia and I am an Adoptive parent, an infertility survivor and a 3x Surrogate. My journey to parenthood is what fuels my passion for Surrogacy.

Having experienced my own infertility struggles, and going on to become a Surrogate helps me to lead with compassion and empathy when supporting both our Intended Parents and Surrogates.

I am currently the Director of Client Care with a focus on spreading the word about Surrogacy in Canada – in an effort to show how our CSO Family empowers, supports and welcomes all women who would like their questions answered and how together, we are here throughout their journey.

When I’m not working to spread surrogacy awareness I love spending time outdoors with my husband, 3 children and many pets


My name is Crystal and I live in Pickering with my husband and two children. I am a self-proclaimed eternal optimist, but I am sure those in my life will confirm that!

Ever since I was a child, I loved helping and very much cared about the happiness of those around me. So, it was no surprise when I decided to become a surrogate and once I did I knew this was my new path.

I always wanted to have a career where I could give back to people in a real impactful way and so I made the jump from the corporate world to a career where I can share my eternal optimism with those that need it and be a part of something so beautiful and meaningful.

I have a true passion and dedication as a surrogate and for everything we do as CSO Family, which I believe makes me a strong advocate and cheerleader for all that are on this journey.
I am currently the Manager of Client Care – my focus is on Supporting our Intended Parents from the very first email to CSOFamily until your baby is in your arms. I feel so lucky to be in this position where I get to be just a little piece of your journey!

I am also honoured to be the one that will meet our Surrogates in person for the first time at the clinic appointment! We get to be able to sit, have a tea/coffee and go over this entire beautiful journey together!

Stay tuned as we Update Here soon!!