As I walk away from the clinic I was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions that was new to me. 

It was this combination of excitement, joy, pride, and a little fear.  

My body and I were preparing to embark on the most incredible journey, one that we all hoped would end in a miracle.  

I had my medication, I had my calendar marked with reminders of when to take what, and my heart was already feeling so full with transfer day only weeks away.  

The days past, my body accepted the medication with minor symptoms of side affects, all to be expected, Mother Nature, Science, and what I believed to be, a little bit of magic would hopeful work together to make my Intended Parents dreams come true.  

On transfer day I felt a whole new wave of emotions, my first thought was, how grateful I was to have the opportunity to be apart of this all, second was this heaviness, like a blanket over me I felt all the struggle, the yearning, the hope, and heartache this couple has been through.  

Once I laid on the table, legs up in the air, my body position was so symbolic of the lack of control we all had in the process from here on out.  

I would, of course, make sure to continue my medications, rest as much as possible, but really now that the embryo was in my uterus, all we could do was, Hope 

With that hope, I felt the weight lifted, positivity poured over me, and I just knew together, me and this little embryo would grow. 

Sharing my body with this miracle would be the greatest decision I ever made, even in moments of pregnancy pain, and heart burn the way my Intended Parents looked, when they help their baby, is so much bigger then any discomfort I felt along the way.  

There is sacrifice in Surrogacy, but what I received is so much more than what I gave.