Deciding to be a part of miracles is not something you decided upon easily. The choice to help someone may be natural, but the logical pieces that go into dedicating your body, time, and life to another couple’s dreams may be trickier then you first thought.

We asked our Surrogates to share with us the steps they took when deciding to become a Surrogate.

“The goal of helping others is what equipped me to also prioritize goals for myself. I applied to register for university to finish my undergraduate degree at the same time I started the process of becoming a surrogate. Prioritizing my surrogacy goal propelled me to accomplish my own goals!”

First time Surrogate, Alison

Part of what CSO Family works towards in spreading surrogacy awareness is the sharing stories like Alison’s, and how making the choice to help someone else, can truly affect you and your family in so many positive ways!

“The first-time surrogacy struck my interest, I had already discussed it with my husband. I knew I needed to furthermore with my children. It was very important I educated my children about surrogacy before I continued to proceed. This is how I prioritized my goal on achieving my surrogacy journeys”

Becky 5x Surrogate

It is our hope that for all the Surrogates we have the pleasure of supporting, Surrogacy is an extension of their family. The idea of educating your children and involving them in such a unique process gives us so much hope for our future generations.

“My goal was weird to most people. I wanted to give my kids a community. I feel like the world has really gotten to an “it’s all about me” mentality and people seem to go out of their way to be selfish and I don’t really have any extended family that I am close to for a lot of this reason. So, I reached out and once I got wrapped up in the joy of my IP’S and the whole process I was hooked!”

Stephanie 4x Surrogate

I’m sure we have all heard the term “it takes a village to raise a child” In Surrogacy it takes a village to create a child. That village then turns into the most unique collection of people who would have never met if it weren’t for one incredible women setting a goal to make dreams come true!

With an open heart, an open mind and support from CSO Family, Women across Canada are deciding to help create families and are truly changing the way the world views Surrogacy!

We welcome the opportunity to connect with you, hear your story and learn how we can support you in your journey to making dreams come true!