Here we are, back with another entry from our SecretSurro!

I’m excited to read through, are you?!

There’s a comfort in familiarity.

If you asked any of us on this second transfer journey if we’d rather it have worked the first time, the answer would be, “OF COURSE yes.” But that’s not the reality we’re in, and that’s not the situation we were handed. So we’re jumping back in, with both feet, but things feel a little more predictable this time around.

I know the names of the nurses at my clinic now. The progression of my protocol, the timeline, and the effects of medications; these have a familiar feel. Even if I know something coming up won’t be pleasant, I know it’s coming, and I know that my mind and my body are prepared for what’s next. And of course, I know my intended parents. We haven’t just had the happy moments now. Through the hard, what already felt familiar has now grown in depth-we’ve been through both the ups, and the downs. There’s comfort to know that even though things haven’t gone perfectly, we’re still a team, and we still have a beautiful goal.

The things in life that are most worth having, I’ve learned they take perseverance. They usually take a lot more work that we wish they would. And they take holding on to hope in the rough patches of our journey. All of this will pay off in the sweetest of rewards.

#CanadianSurrogacy is Where Hope Grows – and we are here, hoping right along with you, SecretSurro xoxo