The Season of Giving

This time of year, we can’t help but see the beauty in time passing, and a new season emerging.

Over the years, Surrogacy has gone through many changes, and it is our hope that together we will soon see a time when, Surrogacy, is not a word spoken with hesitation, not a word that needs explanation, and not a word that invokes an emotional reaction we aren’t always prepared for.

CSO Family is always working towards helping make dreams come true. Even more so, we want to create real change, and encourage all our Surrogates and Intended parents to work with us, to make a difference in the future of alternative family building.

This past month we achieved a CSO Family milestone by welcoming more babies in one month, than any other month to date! While new families are being created all the time, we remain mindful of those who are still waiting to find someone to give them the gift of a child.

We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the courage, strength and open heart that our Surrogates and Intended Parents come to us with.  It’s even a greater need now more than ever to promote Surrogacy and change by talking, sharing and educating others.

We encourage our Surrogates and Intended Parents to share their personal stories.

We have found so much positivity in sharing our stories and making human connections. Through social media, in person and through word of mouth, we are seeing all the good that comes from our experiences. It’s not just the Gift of Hope but the Gift of Knowledge that we promote.

If we look back to 1987, when Joanne embarked on her first Surrogacy journey, we can see how far we have come. At that time Joanne traveled to the US for treatments, asked her real estate lawyer for guidance, because there was no such thing as a, “fertility lawyer”, and there was no support network for her to call on. Joanne was her own support system!

Fast forward to today! You have your pick of Surrogacy agencies, clinics, lawyers, counsellors, and thanks to the world wide web, you can access support from all around the world!

Does this mean our work is done? NO! But as always CSO Family focuses on the positive and the hope that reflecting on years past can present opportunities for the future.

While we acknowledge the good, we must acknowledge the… not so good, to make sure we keep getting better at what we do.

Looking ahead, our biggest goals are: to continue to support our Surrogates and Intended parents as they work together to make dreams come true and have the journey they all envision together, to continue to encourage more women to consider surrogacy, and welcome more miracles every year!

We are Family, and we are in this together, and together we are making big changes…for Surrogacy!

This is “Where Hope Grows…