surrogacy questions

The thought of becoming a surrogate is so excited. You may be overwhelmed with the idea of helping to bring a little one into this world, giving a couple the chance to make their family complete or just the wonderful feeling of giving back. But before you say ‘I Will’ to your intended parents, take a moment to re-group and make sure you have everything in line for the next 9 months…and the months after.

You’ve probably been through this whole pregnancy thing before…so you have an idea of what to expect. But it’s important to remember that it’s not your baby, and the intended parents may have some things in mind when it comes to carrying the baby, delivering the baby and what happens after the baby is born in terms of feeding.

Here are a few examples of questions to consider before you agree to becoming a surrogate:

1. What kind of relationship is expected of me during pregnancy and after?

2. What are you expectations for the birth?

3. Do you want me to provide breast milk after the baby is born?

4. Are you okay with my family being integrated into this process – including my own children?

5. What restrictions do you have in mind for me during the pregnancy?

6. Do you expect me to have a specific diet during the pregnancy?

7. How do you want to be involved in this journey (if the intended parents live far away)

8. How many IVF cycles do you plan on attempting?

These are just a few examples. We recommend you take the time to create a carefully thought out list of questions to ask your intended parents. It’s important to create an open relationship with them so you are both comfortable with the process.

What are some questions you think should be asked?