A Short insight to what one surrogates viewpoint was on a delivery day!

The moment I got to see two men become two Daddies was nothing short of remarkable. 

Their wide eyes filled with tears as they looked over every inch of their baby. One made gentle “shush shush shush” sounds as the other cuddled heart to heart, skin to skin. 

This baby is so loved, so wanted, and so blessed to have been born into this family. 

You could see the love between the these three souls grow by the minute. They collaborated in baby’s first diaper change, and fumbled like all new parents do as they wiggled on a tiny knit hat, on baby’s tiny perfect head. 

As the day turned to night, this family of three settled in for their first night as a family. 

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of their lives together, tomorrow they will wake to realize their dreams have really come true. 

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